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Welcome To EasyX Community Pool!

A multi-coin mining pool made by miners, for miners. No matter if you are new to mining, or experienced. Our goal is to make a fast reliable cryptocurrency mining pool, that is easy for everyone to use!

What Our Pools Feature

They're Fast

Speed is key when it comes to mining. So we chose hardware that can provide just that! Giving our users the best connection possible! Our servers are hosted on a 10 Gig level 3 connection over a Juniper backbone to multiple 40 Gig uplinks. Much blocks, such speed!

They're Protected

Don't like downtime? Neither do we! So we take measures to protect our site from any malicious attacks that could disrupt mining! Our servers have IronProtect Standard - L3/L4 DDoS protection.

They Have Low Fees

We're not here to make profit. So we keep our fees low! Why have any at all you may ask? We gotta pay bills for the website somehow.

It's All Easy To Use

No matter your experience, you can mine using our pool! We make make mining easy! Head over to Getting Started to learn more!

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